Divorce / Separation

Whether you just want to discuss your options, or need representation, we can provide you with expert advice at a reasonable cost.

We offer fixed fee services in relation to uncontested divorce to provide certainty and peace of mind.

Solving financial issues following the breakdown of a relationship can be a stressful and confusing experience. We offer a full range of services to assist you in resolving your financial separation including:

• General advice about your options
• Preparing and issuing applications on your behalf
• Checking documents which you have prepared
• Preparing and advising in relation to Consent Orders
• Preparing financial statements
• Representing you at Court

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Years of Experience

Qualified as a solicitor in both England & Wales and Queensland, Australia, working at some of the leading family law firms around the world.

Cost Effective Advice

As a specialist family law solicitor, Emma offers cost effective representation and advice to help clients resolve their problems.